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Perimeter Security Systems

Methods of Securing Perimeters of Compounds and Yards


If an alarm is generated, this could be monitored in the same way as an Intruder Alarm or CCTV pictures can be monitored remotely by a specialist monitoring service. The operator would see the image on screen from the camera covering the specific area of the fence (or any other alarm source). With the right equipment installed on site, he or she would also be able to view that area just before, during and after the alarm was generated in order to establish the exact cause of the alarm and take appropriate action.

Companies with more than one premises could set up their own remote monitoring using one site or head office to monitor their other sites.

We offer a free site survey and quotation without any obligation.

Case Histories

1/ Transport/Logistics Yard We first discovered PulseSecure when we were seeking a solution to a very serious problem one of our customers was experiencing. Despite having CCTV cameras and a guard on site 24hrs, up to six separate attacks every weekend on curtain sided trailers inside a walled yard were occurring. The target was sports wear and electrical goods. The deployment of a second guard with a dog reduced this to around one attack per weekend. We installed a PulseSecure system as a wall topping (replacing existing razor wire) and in the eight years since it was installed the only incident reported and captured on CCTV was a man climbing on the wall and grabbing the fence to see if it was live. The CCTV images showed by his reaction that it really was! No doubt the word was spread quickly around.

2/ Transport Yard customer had leased a yard and warehouse at a strategic location to compliment their existing sites. Their head of security was tasked with finding a cost effective solution to secure the yard before they moved in as it previously had a poor record of break-ins. He looked into the cost of deploying a Security Guard and the amounts quoted were prohibitive. We installed a PulseSecure system to the existing palisade fence which was remotely monitored together with a CCTV system complete with remote video monitoring facilities. The fence proved so successfully the remote monitoring for the CCTV was never commissioned saving the substantial monitoring charges. The system was leased (lease purchase) over five years so the immediate cost savings against using a security guard 24 hrs a day amounted to a massive £1,000 plus per month.

3/ Storage Compound for Vehicles This compound was used for the storage of impounded vehicles on behalf of the police that had been involved in accidents and incidents. It had a perimeter wall constructed of double thickness concrete blocks around three metres high. We installed a PulseSecure system as a wall topping and also to the gates. The system was remotely monitored utilising Redcare. Some of the vehicles no doubt had incriminating evidence concealed within so their owners were sometimes willing to go to great lengths to try and gain access to them. Several attempts to breach the system failed with minor damage to the system. Eventually, the perimeter was breached by smashing a hole in the wall (double thickness concrete block) with a sledge hammer. We subsequently installed a vibration wire around the perimeter wall which was linked to the Redcare system and which proved false alarm free as we were able to use very low sensitivity settings.

On the face of it, the PulseSecureTM system proved more effective  than a double         thickness concrete wall.

4/ A COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION Our customers who have had PulseSecure Perimeter Security Systems installed have all commented at a later date that it is one of the best decisions they have ever made. We had just completed an extension to a system for a caravan dealer due to an acquisition of an additional adjoining yard area. The customer commented that the cost of the original system more than a year ago combined with the cost of extending it equated to paying a security guarding company for just six months. He went on to say that his original projections included the cost of the security guard and the savings he had made helped to finance the expansion of his business. He also stated that he was extremely pleased with the performance of the system and with the service he had received.

When calculated over a ten year period, the cost savings equate to a massive 95%

There is no doubt that PulseSecure  provides the best available solution for protecting yards and compounds etc. The plain fact of the matter is that most security systems rely on a response. But who responds and how long does it take?

The PulseSecure system provides both a major physical and formidable psychological deterrent. Most would be intruders will not even attempt to breach the perimeter as the thought of receiving a short, sharp painful shock is enough to keep them out. However, should some brave (or stupid) soul decide to have a go, shorting together or cutting fence wires will generate an audible alarm which can also be remotely monitored and interfaced with CCTV.

The PulseSecure system DETERS and DENIES before it detects so the reliance on response is a last resort and not the first line of defence.

To see what the fence looks like, you can visit our showroom.






For perimeter security to be effective, the entire perimeter must be protected. Any weakness or sections not covered will soon be discovered and exploited.

BEFORE you commit yourself to any form of perimeter security, be sure you understand the realistic and practical options available to you. You should consider how effective it might be together with the true cost implications over a given period.

RESPONSE. If a system relies on a response, who will respond? What is the cost implication?

SPACE. Will you lose any space inside the perimeter for the system to function?

RELIABLE DETECTION. How easily can the system be compromised by blocking detection devices?

PIECE OF MIND. Will the system bring you piece of mind or just bring more headaches?

GET IT RIGHT. Get it right the first time and save a lot of time, money and hassle. Think long term, not a quick fix which might prove costly.

'PulseSecureTM has been consistently PROVEN to succeed where other security solutions have failed.'

METAL THEFT. Metal theft is a major problem for many. Where the more traditional methods of security for fenced/enclosed areas (such as remotely monitored CCTV have failed, PulseSecureTM has provided a cost effective solution. Quite simply, PulseSecureTM does not depend on a response, it just keeps them out.

FUEL THEFT. Fuel theft is a major problem for many. As with metal theft, where the more traditional methods of security for fenced/enclosed areas (such as remotely monitored CCTV) have failed, PulseSecureTM has provided a cost effective solution. Quite simply, PulseSecureTM does not depend on a response, it just keeps them out.

Conventional methods of perimeter detection are susceptible to false alarm problems when used outdoors and often require setting up with a very narrow margin for error. Often, 'alarms' cannot be verified and genuine attempts to breach the security can be logged as false alarms. Sensors can also be easily blocked, accidentally or deliberately. For this reason, Remotely Monitored C.C.T.V. Systems have perhaps not proved to be as effective as many would hope.

The PulseSecureTM Perimeter Security System

Clearly good perimeter detection means early detection and warning which makes it very desirable. What is really required is a perimeter system which provides a substantial deterrent, a physical barrier and reliable detection, which can also be used when sites are operational. This might seem too much to hope for, and until recently it was. But now we can achieve all of this and a lot more!

The introduction of an extremely cost effective perimeter security system (which has been given the highest security rating available) and which deters with a physical and psychological barrier and which also reliably detects any attempts to breach the perimeter represents a major breakthrough in securing yards and compounds etc.

The system is set in a similar way to a conventional intruder alarm system using a code or proximity device. As with any alarm system, a time delay allows for setting and unsetting the system.

Conventional systems require a response or intervention. PulseSecureTM provides a first line of defence to actually keep intruders out with a Physical and Psychological barrier.

It sounds too good to be true but its effective, legal and fully approved and like all the best ideas, its simple and reliable. It's an Electric Fence and it's an Alarm System. The PulseSecure system sends high voltage pulses along the conductors of the fence giving a painful but harmless shock to anyone coming into contact with it. The intruder would be repelled but this alone would not generate an alarm which prevents nuisance and unidentifiable alarms. However, any attempt to cut the fence or interfere with it would cause the system to generate an alarm. The system can interface with most types of equipment to provide a local audible or remote alarm. PulseSecure can be fitted to most types of existing host fences, it can be used as a wall topping, or as a stand alone fence within existing boundaries. It can even be used to form a secure compound within your premises on a permanent or temporary basis.

The effective application of PulseSecure makes it extremely cost effective and it can be used on its own, in conjunction with guards on site or it can be remotely monitored using either conventional alarm monitoring or CCTV.

Problems with theft often occur (particularly when a site is operational) which cannot be identified as internal or external. With the PulseSecureTM system in place, internal thefts cannot be blamed on intrusion from the outside.

Where a security guard is deployed on site, CCTV can be used to verify any intrusion. The system can also be configured (with suitable equipment installed) to allow a guard to view the incident which generated the alarm. Even a large site can be guarded effectively by one person. Without the need for patrols, the guard can be secure in a locked office and with the right disciplines introduced such as carrying out patrols with PTZ cameras, the guards performance can also be monitored. Any reduction in the number of guards deployed on site quite clearly represents massive savings when compared to the cost of providing a PulseSecure system integrated with CCTV and with leasing readily available, the cost benefits can be reaped immediately.

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PulseSecureTM has proven to be both EFFECTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE

PulseSecureTM Perimeters

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