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December 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, it appears that the UK economy is picking up and businesses are starting to spend and invest more. Many held back during the bad times on security measures and fire alarms etc.

As we approach 2014 which will be our thirty fourth year, we are feeling very optimistic about the future. It is our belief that we have chosen wisely to stay with our policy of using quality equipment and providing an excellent level of customer care throughout. Because of this (unlike many of our competitors), our reputation remains intact and is still the envy of others.

We have launched this new web site to demonstrate our faith in our future and we have many exciting things happening that promise to help us to move forward and dramatically expand our customer base without changing our priorities on quality and customer support.

Watch this space for further developments.

Harper Chalice’s Olympic Legacy

One of the foremost figures in international trade visited Harper Chalice Group Limited in Coventry who are proving how exporting boosts business.

Lord Green, the Minister for Trade and Investment – who retires from his role next month – was in the city as part of Export Week, which promotes overseas trade to firms across the country.

Lord Green accompanied Christine Hamilton and Mick Page of the Chamber’s UKTI international trade team and Roy Pulley of the Manufacturing Advisory Service to meet staff and directors at Harper Chalice, in Binns Close

Harper Chalice is a manufacturer and supplier of high-tech electronic and electrified perimeter security systems, which is now deployed around the world protecting all types of premises from VIP residences to Royal palaces and normal commercial risks to Critical National Infrastructure and High profile sports stadia.

Managing director Graham Harper said: “We’ve had excellent support from the MAS and UKTI in a very joined up way. We now have a well-established UK market and are actively selling our electronic and electrified perimeter security systems throughout Europe and the Middle and Far East.

“Our electronic perimeter security systems were used in the Olympic project – not just protecting the Games themselves, but protecting the building projects in the run-up to the Olympics.

That meant that when the recession hit, we had a good stream of work and we were able to continue to invest in technology and further product development.”

Left to Right: Graham Harper, Martin Francome, Lord Green, Chris Hackett

February 2014

The start of 2014 heralded in a new era for us with a substantial increase in the amount of work we have carried out.

It seems that confidence is in fact generally returning with businesses looking to upgrade their security which many having neglected it for so long.

Not all security companies have been as fortunate, it appears that some took desperate measures that have now caught up with them leaving their customers to pick up the pieces.

There is of course a lot of catching up to do during this year, some of our customers failed to make it through difficult times of last year.

In order to provide a service to our customers we have now included pages on this site which allow user manuals/instructions and some literature to be downloaded in PDF format.

They can be accessed using the Intruder Alarm and CCTV drop down buttons.

April 2015

We’re moving to next door, from 30c to 30b.

This move to larger premises scheduled for mid April is to facilitate our programme of expansion and consolidate our investment in the future. 30C becomes 30B, all other details remain the same.

Due to our policy of staying with reliable equipment and not succumbing to the temptation of  going cheap, we have come through the recession stronger than ever and have maintained our goal of long term value for money for our customers.

As a result, we are gaining both commercial and domestic maintenance and monitoring contracts from competitors together with system upgrades and new installations.

The demand for Electrified Security Fences is at an all time high as those with  security problems in their yards and compounds begin to realise just how effective they are. Unlike other forms of security they do not rely on a response. They successfully keep intruders out with response being the last resort not the first line of defence. As Accredited Dealers for PulseSecureTM we are being kept busy carrying out site surveys and installations.

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April 2014

We have been improving this web site and we have included videos and pdf. downloads. The downloads include users manuals/information and brochures under the Intruder and CCTV sections.

As it is a statutory requirement for all business premises to be subject to a fire risk assessment we have provided a FREE download on the Fire page to enable business owners to carry out a DIY Fire Risk Assessment by simply answering the questions and filling in the form. This suitable for smaller and low fire risk premise.

If you already have a Fire Alarm fitted, it it being regularly tested? You can download FREE the recommended procedures and a Log Book to comply with the necessary standards.

August 2014

At last, from a financial point of view things seem to be returning to normal! It’s been a long hard recession for most business’s. We were affected by some customers going out of business and others not spending on security because quite simply, they didn’t have it to spend so they were forced to chance it. However, these things have a habit of catching up with you and invalid insurance can have devastating results.

As far as our business is concerned, things seem to be back to pre financial crisis levels. However, it is noticeable that some security companies have not made it through leaving their customers without service. In Particular, where systems are required for insurance purposes this has caused some issues.

Some have sold their contracts to other companies which all to often results in substantially higher charges.  In most cases we are able to take over maintenance and monitoring of systems or just rectify faults for those who who do not have a requirement for maintenance.

September 2014

MONITORED ALARM SYSTEMS. If you have a monitored alarm system it is essential that the key holder details and telephone numbers are kept up to date to ensure that the ARC is able to contact you in the event of an alarm activation.

To make this easier, we have now included an on line key holder form which can be accessed via ‘CONTACT’

November 2014

We have welcomed on board quite a number of new customers who were previously served by security companies that no longer exist. In some cases the companies have ceased trading and in others where the contracts have been ‘sold on’ the maintenance being offered on renewal comes with dramatically higher costs and less than friendly attitudes to customer service.

If you need maintenance for insurance purposes and are not satisfied with your current provider, give us a call to see if we can help you.

December 2014

Demand  for the services we provide have increased to pre recession levels and accordingly, we now have an experienced security surveyor/engineer based in Bristol to allow us to provide a better service to Bristol and the surrounding areas.

We have already installed hundreds of systems in the area including Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Gloucester, Cheltenham etc.

May 2015


We have received orders for five more  PulseSecureTM  Electrified Perimeter Security Systems which takes us up to six new installations this year. We have previously only achieved orders of up to three in one year which was before the recession.

We are also very busy with Intruder Alarms and CCTV etc. so we have been taking on additional staff.

Our faith in the future has been justified as we look forward to further expansion from our new premises.