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Intruder Alarm System Monitoring

We can offer the following types of Monitored Systems:

(It should be noted that Audible's Only Systems with a Voice Communication Option or other methods of self monitoring are not considered as Monitored systems in the system grading).

Types of Monitoring:

Central Station Monitoring through an Alarm Receiving Centre  (ARC) can be achieved using the following methods:

Digital Communicator - Single Path

Redcare Classic - Single Path

Redcare GSM Monitoring - Dual Path

Dualcom Monitoring - Dual Path - Roaming Sim

Dualcom Digi Air - GSM Only - Roaming Sim

Freecom Dual Path Monitoring

Systems for Police Response must comply with DD423.

For a system to be set up for police response a Unique Reference Number (URN) must be applied for. Strict conditions apply. Before an alarm activation can be policed by the ARC it has to be confirmed in order to filter out false alarms. If an intruder enters a premises and activates a single device the key holders will be notified by the ARC. If a second device is activated the ARC will then contact the police. It should be noted that the police cannot guarantee to attend within any time frame.

Remote Reset.

We can also provide Remote Re-set Facilities and Remote Access (Up load and down load for Data Retrieval, Diagnostics and Programming) as an option.

Monitoring Domestic Commercial

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Serviceable Legacy Systems

Policed Intruder Alarm Systems - Police Requirements

In order for a system to provide Police Response there must be a current Unique Reference Number (URN) issued by the appropriate police force for the area. If the URN has been withdrawn it cannot be re-instated, a new URN would have to be applied for.

The police will only issue new URN’s for systems which are fully compliant with the latest versions of PD6662 and DD423 which means most legacy systems would need to be completely upgraded in order to qualify.


Existing Customer Monitored Systems Key Holder Form